Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Summer Worth Remembering

I usually don't write about my life & family, but this has been the summer for family. So here I go... a small peek into my world. 

I am a lucky to be a mom. What my husband and I went through to bring two children in this world was something I wouldn't wish upon anyone. A little over 10 years ago I brought home a beautiful, tiny 4.5 pound baby boy. He was and still is my miracle. It took me 4 years to bring him into the world. I had a perfect pregnancy and enjoyed every second of it. My son, on the other hand decided that we had waited long enough for his arrival and came into the world 6 weeks early after 42 hours of labor and an emergency c-section! He was so tiny and frail. When you come home with a preemie and have spent time in the NICU, you literally have a manual of do's and don'ts. If you weren't supposed to get it...we did. If it wasn't supposed to happen, it did. He had a rough first year and two surgeries by 18 months. Needless to say, he had my constant attention, affection and love! Through all of it he thrived and was quite the little fighter. 

About that time we went through infertility treatments again and had a daughter on the way. I almost lost her in the beginning, but thanks to the wonders of modern medicine I managed to carry her full term. I finally did it...a HEALTHY baby! I had her in the room with me at the hospital, not like the first time when I had to go visit my son. Well, she was with me, until they took her away for some "tests". She came back a few hours later with a orthopedist carrying a body brace and a diagnosis of hip dysplasia. I'll be honest. At the point all I could think was what the hell have I done?! This little baby was put into my arms all cinched up into a brace that made her look like a frog waiting to be dissected. We fought with braces and countless trips to Shriner's Hospital forever. She had to sleep with me because of the braces. If she were to manage to roll over in the night she could not roll back and could suffocate. I spent a year sleeping with my hand on her stomach to make sure she didn't roll. 

Here we are today!! At 4:00 I will be sitting at a ball game watching my son play his first game with his school team. He is finally old enough this year...not only is he playing, he is starting with the "big boys" in 8th grade. :) He has spent 7 years playing in the county league with mom and dad at every game.  I couldn't be prouder. He couldn't be more nervous! I won't tell him, but I will be holding my breath the majority of the time. 

My daughter, who spent so much time in braces did her first solo standing back handspring last week! I squealed right along with her. It was her goal for the summer and she made it with a week to spare. :) 

I have spent the summer going to endless baseball games, working at the gym at the desk and spotting handspring after handspring at home. I have talked both of them through their "I hate is NEVER going to work" times and celebrated with them when it finally did.

Cheer Moms hasn't been updated daily, or had a flurry of posts, but I had a wonderful summer. I just enjoyed being MOM. It was fabulous! I must admit, they are starting to get bored and might kill each other any day now. I resorted to raft fights int he pool with them yesterday to keep the peace. School starts next week which will mean less time with the kids and more time  on a tight schedule. 

I have work starting to stack up....with Cheer Moms right at the top of the list. I have 6 more days to enjoy summer and the kids. I will see you in a week! I'll be posting the latest info, QODs, a new directory of gyms, and some interviews with coaches.....but it is going to wait just six more days, 3 practices at the gym and 3 baseball games. :)


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