Saturday, September 4, 2010

So Much To Do & Talk About!

Oh blog how I have neglected you! 

Cheer Moms is busy...even if you can't tell it! We are lining up our guest experts and moms to write for our website launch with Cheer Channel. Nikki and I are organizing all the great new parts of the site. I don't think we realized how much work it would be! 

There is so much to write about...NCATA, the new competition season, some new training tips I have learned, and of course getting our team moms ready with their perfect team mom bag! :)

Next week we start our official fall session at the gym and have a good 20 new girls showing up next week!! It is my goal for next week to live through that and get them all in the right spots on the right night...and of course another week full of baseball. 

Then...I can blog. My mind has been so full lately, I just walk around with a notebook. 

Life is good! 


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