Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am working on a comprehensive list of fundraising ideas for a blog. If you have any favorites please leave a comment or email me a! I am also working on a series of interviews of coaches for our Cheer Moms. Do you have any burning questions?

The last two weeks have been a blur. I have worked on the house was a mess and needed total reorganization of the house. We had a week long break from the gym, which was nice. It gave me time to fit in a quick trip to see family and work on the house project. 

This week I am back to reality. :) I am getting excited watching our teams learn awesome new skills, they should really shine this year! The gym is growing by leaps and bounds, big kudos to our owner who has put a lot of work into the look of the gym. I walked in last night and thought I was in a different place! 

Cheer Moms is definitely on a roll. I know we keep talking about surprises, but any day now we will have one! We are working hard to get ready for the competition season. We will also be doing feature gyms in addition to the directory, and interview series. The future is looking bright! 

For now, I am off to work. 

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