Friday, June 25, 2010

Nightmares of Days Past...and Varsity

This morning I was awoken by nightmares of my past. Was it some horrible thing I had done? It was a small framed man...a man from my past. Unfortunately, it was a former professor who had his doctorate in philosophy. He was looking at me with that same look he did over 20 years ago when I sat in his classroom at a small liberal arts college. You see, the dear man was all about critical thinking and writing for a reason. 

"Why are you writing this? What is the purpose? What are you trying to do? Where are your facts?", he said in my dream. His face was all scrunched up just like I remember. He was not one to hand out compliments because he wanted perfection. The problem was that he believed perfection was not attainable. Your battle with him was lost the second you walked in the door. At first I wondered why I could be dreaming of college? Then I quickly figured it out. 

I have been thinking a lot about Varsity Sports. How could I not? It is in my inbox, Facebook, website...everywhere I go. I know I am not happy, but exactly what am I not happy about? I am doing all this research, but what is my END GOAL? 

I have been around long enough to realize that cheerleading is not the first or last corporate idea that someone has come up with, ran with and turned into a major money empire. I work in technology, surrounded by men (I think that is why I enjoy Cheer Moms so much!), we have an ongoing debate. We are passionate about our operating systems and will argue until we pass out in defense of them. I am a Windows user. A good friend of mine believes Bill Gates, the pioneer of Windows, is the devil reincarnate! One day I had enough of him and said, "I could care less if he is the devil, he makes products that work, he makes the products I need to make my business work, so therefore he will continue to get my business!...Is Microsoft perfect? Lord no! If they were, I wouldn't have so many people calling needing computers fixed, databases corrected and the such. Note to self: Make sure Microsoft never becomes "perfect"!

I digress...this all relates back to Varsity. Actually they are a good comparison to Microsoft. They have the market cornered. You have to play nice with them, or pretty much be alone in your own little sandbox. Is it fair? No. Are there people starting to nip at Microsoft's heals? YES! 

This morning I have finally figured out why I am doing so much research about Varsity and why I care. Varsity needs some nipping at the heals. I can't do it alone, but I can be one voice providing accurate information to a group of people. If enough people get informed, then maybe....just maybe, change can come. Can we do it overnight? Of course not! Look how long it has taken Cheerleading to become what it is today? Look at how long Microsoft has dominated the market! 

Cheer Moms! started out as something fun. It hit me today. Together we can become something. We can become informed advocates for OUR children. We can learn together, share together and put all our single voices together and make a roar! Albeit right now we are a small tiger trying out our roar...but I am ready to give it a go. Are you? 

Today I am just going to be a mom. I am going to clean the house before there is a rebellion and organize my thoughts. Then, I will put all my information together and share it with my favorite group...Cheer Moms! 

God bless his soul, he lost a battle to cancer, but I hope their is one professor looking down smiling today, because he still is with me over twenty years later! I hope I do you proud. 

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